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Swami Sri Yukteswar: Guru of Paramahansa Yogananda

Jnanavatar: Incarnation of Wisdom

Sri Yukteswar is the author of The Holy Science, a useful comparison of the Judeo-Christian Bible and Hindu scriptures.

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Lenovo dio a conocer Yoga Book, la tableta 2 en 1 para productividad y creatividad

BERLN, Alemania--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lenovo

(SEHK:0992)(Pink sheets [hojas color rosa]:LNVGY) lanz hoy la Yoga

Book, la tableta 2 en 1[1] ms delgada y liviana del mundo,

diseada para ofrecer productividad sin precedentes mient

1 year ago

The Practical Benefits Of Yogic Asanas And Its Impact On The Human's Physical Well-being.

The ultimate aim of all yogic asanas is to prepare the body to achieve that tranquility of mind which is necessary for the realization of the Supreme or God-consciousness.

The practice of asanas conserves energy, whether voluntary or involu read more...

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The Top 5 Yoga Blogs of 2016

Top 5 Yoga Blogs

What makes a good yoga blog?

Good, substantive content. I like a distracting bit of clickbait as much as the next pers read more...

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Meditation Retreat In An Ancient Chinese Buddhist Temple

Meditation Retreats are increasing in popularity throughout the world offering participants the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to a quiet and restful location where one can take an inward journey of self-discovery read more...

1 year ago

Yoga, butt naked | The Wider Image

"Avoiding getting shots of people's genitalia and other un-publishable angles was the most challenging part."

Shannon Stapleton, Reuters photographer

When I was assigned to photograph a naked yoga session my first thought was: how am read more...

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Is There Sadness in Your Hips?

Grodzki, Lynn. "The Emotional Body: An Interview With Candace Pert, PhD." Pathways Magazine.1995.